Chimney rebuilding is usually suggested when the bricks, stones, mortar, or other masonry has lost it’s structural integrity. Spalling, cracking, or deterioration of the brick compromises the chimney and can allow water to leak in, or even cause pieces of the chimney to fall off.


We may recommend chimney caps (or raincaps), which prevent rain from entering the chimney. Rain oftentimes causes firebox rust, which can lead to expensive repairs. Caps prohibit leaves, branches and animals, from entering the chimney and causing potentially dangerous blockages.


Flashing usually comes in lead or copper which surrounds the base of the chimney on the rooftop. If not properly installed, it allows the elements, especially rainwater, to enter the home and create damage. Sometimes, flashing repair is a simple task; other times, more extensive repair work is required.


Chimney inspection and cleaning is important to have at least once a year by a qualified worker. Cleaning not only eliminates bad odors from your chimney, but it also improves draft. This can improve the efficiency of your fireplace and any appliances connected to your chimney. Cleaning also removes dangerous creosote deposits that can build up in your chimney.